Creating a Lean Shopper Marketing Machine

Major advancements are being made in collaborative technology, marketing automation and data-driven marketing, yet oddly the processes that drive shopper marketing remain antiquated. Shopper marketers carry brilliant ideas, market intelligence and customer insights, yet struggle to actualize their ideas due to the intense manual labor required of their jobs and lack of workflow technology. With […]

Championing Cross-Channel by Perfecting Process

According to Forrester, cross-channel retail sales in the US alone will be nearly $2 trillion by 2018. While there’s no question that delivering a strong cross-channel experience is paramount for retail success, only 5% of marketers rate themselves as “very much set up” to effectively orchestrate cross-channel marketing activities, according to an Econsultancy Cross-Channel Marketing […]

Supercharging Shopper Marketing with Strategic Trade Alignment

A Strategy& survey reveals that there is a select group of CPG shopper marketing leaders that are capturing more influence with retailers and better return on their shopper programs. How is this group achieving these results? By more closely aligning their initiatives with trade promotion activities. In most cases, shopper marketing naturally complements trade and […]

Optimizing Trade Spend with Automated Promotion Management

Trade spend is the second largest line item of profit & loss for CPG manufacturers—it can be a manufacturers greatest revenue driver….or it’s greatest sales profit diminisher, dependent on a CPG’s ability to effectively manage overhead costs. In order to fully leverage the profit potential of trade promotions, CPGs must address the following internal process […]

Document Digitization as a Business Transformation Strategy

Though most insurers have been scanning documents and capturing data for many years, still vast amounts of paper continue to flow in and out of insurance companies. As we look out into the competitive landscape and understand emerging customer expectations, it is clear that significant opportunities remain to transform inbound and outbound paper documents into […]