Four Ways Payers are Leveraging Data to Improve Operations

Tableau, a data visualization company, recently released a report titled “How to Improve Healthcare Payer Operations with Data.” The report examines how payers are pressured to improve operational efficiencies, lower costs and drive new revenue, but can only do so with access to meaningful data insights. As a result, innovation-led payers are building agile software […]

Creating a Lean Shopper Marketing Machine

Major advancements are being made in collaborative technology, marketing automation and data-driven marketing, yet oddly the processes that drive shopper marketing remain antiquated. Shopper marketers carry brilliant ideas, market intelligence and customer insights, yet struggle to actualize their ideas due to the intense manual labor required of their jobs and lack of workflow technology. With […]

Championing Cross-Channel by Perfecting Process

According to Forrester, cross-channel retail sales in the US alone will be nearly $2 trillion by 2018. While there’s no question that delivering a strong cross-channel experience is paramount for retail success, only 5% of marketers rate themselves as “very much set up” to effectively orchestrate cross-channel marketing activities, according to an Econsultancy Cross-Channel Marketing […]