Putting Data to Work.

In this new era of explosive data growth, businesses are putting the heat on marketers to devise new and smarter ways to utilize their data assets. At Cierant, data lies at the heart of each program that we deploy. Our data analysts and marketing strategists work side-by-side to help organizations develop and manage strategic programs driven by data. Whether the initiative is to boost brand loyalty, better oversee compliance adherence, or enhance performance marketing, we know how to skillfully use data to accelerate communications effectiveness.

Our ability to facilitate secure data processing and integration is evidenced by our ISO certification, an information security management system that ensures the confidentiality and integrity of all data transmitted to us. It is our demonstrated commitment to secure data management that makes us the choice of major health insurance providers.

Data Science Services:

  1. Database design and management
  2. Data hygiene
  3. Complex data integration
  4. Custom reporting dashboards
  5. Real-time campaign analytics
  6. ISO-certified data management procedures

Data Science

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