Activating the Impulse.

Promo-Driven Purchasing.

Creating brand differentiation in an ad cluttered world and strategically acting on shoppers’ unique point-of-purchase behaviors isn’t easy. With more than half of consumers making their brand purchase decisions in-store and the increased likelihood to make brand substitutions based on deals, effective in-store marketing has become essential.

Ready. Set. Activate.

Cierant helps brands accelerate and enhance the creation of their in-store marketing collateral by taking the once manually done, labor-intensive process of program execution and streamlining it into a single online system. In doing so, we enable our CPG clients to simultaneously deliver account-specific shopper marketing promotions across regional partners, each customized to their unique specifications.

Through implementation of our turnkey program management system, leading consumer goods companies have been able to bring their shopper marketing programs into strategic alignment and dramatically improve their in-store visibility.

Solutions for shopper marketing programs

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