New Approach. Big Savings.

Our innovative production processes are transforming traditional print cost dynamics and workflow management systems. We provide mass media publishers, healthcare organizations and financial service companies with zero-inventory solutions that allow them to order, produce and deliver targeted subscription and membership communications on-demand.

As a member of the Command Group of Companies, one the nation’s largest and most versatile print manufacturing organizations, we provide our clients with an array of fulfillment and distribution options. Access to our partners’ full complement of production services allows us to identify and implement the most cost-effective path to production without ever having to comprise quality. Our logistics specialists further supplement production savings by leveraging our established partnerships with mail and shipping service providers, providing the lowest-cost route every time.

Production Optimization Services:

  1. Logistics: Co-mingling, co-palletization, SCF/DDU mail service injection
  2. Postal: List cleansing, householding, manifest mail processing, advanced depude, frequency targeting
  3. Distribution: Partnerships with global shipping partners for optimal savings and best-of-breed service options
  4. Production: Automated replenishment, print on-demand

Diverse Capabilities:

  1. Digital sheetfeed
  2. Digital web
  3. Commercial sheetfed
  4. Commercial web offset
  5. Pre-media services
  6. Finishing, bindery and fulfillment services

Product Optimization

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