Shaking Things Up Since ‘87

Cierant Corporation was founded in 1987 on the notion of “where there’s change, there’s opportunity.” A privately-owned organization with deep roots in the Danbury area community, our journey began as a marketing software provider for technology-driven organizations. Around the turn of the century, however, we began to evolve into a much greater entity.

As emerging multi-media technologies and the migration to online began to shake up existing business models, we found ourselves perfectly positioned to trail blaze new paths to cross-media marketing and campaign automation. Our expertise in Web-based custom software development and programming allowed us to rapidly deploy new and exciting forms of engagement across media and windows never before available into consumer channel activity. Organizations from diverse industries turned to us for cross-channel solutions that would bring them to the forefront of change.

Some might say we have a history of creating market disruption, but we like to think that any truly innovative idea is meant to shake things up a bit.

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