Bringing Profit to the Page.

Change Meets Opportunity.

The publishing industry is undergoing dramatic changes. Dual content presentation has become a must, personalized content has become key to readership engagement and the migration to online has resulted in declining print volumes.

Cierant, in conjunction with our partners of the Command Group of Companies, is helping publishers overcome these challenges by leveraging emerging print and content management technologies to drive profitable cross-media content distribution.

The Perfect Blend of Price, Quality & Speed.

Our solutions begin with careful analysis of a publisher’s content management, production and distribution procedures. We then identify opportunities to streamline operations, eliminate cost, reduce cycle times and enhance readership value. One of the key ways in which we achieve this is by employing our state-of-the-art digital print-on-demand technology. In a market of unpredictability, digital print technology is paving the way to more predictable production costs and more manageable revenue models, regardless of run size or job complexity.

Personalized. Incentivized.

On top of revolutionizing print price models, our personalization and cross-media integration strategies are redefining readership engagement. We enhance the reach and measurability of print by converting subscriber data into content that’s targeted at the individual level, resulting in highly personalized reader experiences that are both meaningful and motivating. We then amplify the power of personalization with the measurability of digital engagement, tactfully incorporating personalized URL’s and QR codes that bring readers to rewarding online experiences.

Our unique print optimization blends technology, strategy and creativity, allowing publishers to reintroduce print as a highly engaging and perceptive platform.

Cost saving and revenue generating publishing solutions

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