Closing the Loop.

In the always-on world we live in, consumers expect to be able to engage with their favorite brands whenever and however they choose. We deliver by providing engagement maximized for virtually any medium that is both actionable and measurable.

We seamlessly integrate offline and online media by creatively incorporating interactive cross-media technology tied to rewarding incentives and personalized brand experiences. In doing so, we help brands increase their conversion rates and present a more consistent brand experience. But, not only do we make cross-media more actionable, we also make it more measurable. We maximize personalized URLs, QR codes and augmented reality by connecting them to comprehensive real-time reporting systems. In doing so, we are able to measure brands’ channel effectiveness and adapt delivery tactics to changing behavioral patterns. The result? Delivery of the right message, at the right time, via the right medium for the individual.

Cross-Media Delivery Solutions:

  1. PRINT: Personalized QR codes, augmented reality, direct mail program design and execution
  2. WEB: Personalized URLS, personalized landing page programs, web-to-print template design optimization, eCommerce catalog tools
  3. MOBILE: Mobile customer engagement platforms
  4. EMAIL: Personalized best practice e-mail marketing featuring live content, secure eDelivery programs

Cross-Media Delivery

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