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Constantly evolving healthcare regulations, endless template variations and increased data confidentially policies make the creation and distribution of health plan communications both complex and costly. Combine this with a dizzying maze of approval processes and tight, mandated delivery schedules, and you have a recipe for a major challenge.

CommONE is a single-source, managed services program that offers health plans of any size a cohesive, modular approach to both mandated and marketing communications management. The CommONE suite features a collection of services and platforms that help insurers reach prospective customers with high-impact messaging while delivering mandated member materials in a timely, cost-efficient manner.

CommONE is currently providing full life cycle management of projects including:

  1. Personalized pre- and post-enrollment kit production and distribution, including integrated print-on-demand production
  2. On-demand contract and benefits booklet production
  3. ID card production and mailing
  4. SBC and SOB generation, production and mailing
  5. Cross-media EOB distribution
  6. Cost-optimized Medicare EOC/ANOC mailings and commercial contracts
  7. Standard and geocoded directory production

From ID cards, directories, SBCs, EOBs, ANOC/EOCs, to pre -and post-enrollment kits, we are experts in effecting seamless, agile workflow processes that allow for more efficient and effective operations while delivering new savings.

Key Services:

Rather than taking a one-size-fits-all approach, we audit existing businesses workflows to identify inefficiencies and project management gaps, then implement strategies for process innovation and cost reduction.

From directories and contracts to print-on-demand welcome and sales kit collateral, health plans are looking for more efficient ways to compose and distribute content to members and prospective customers. CommONE provides three platform options for dynamic composition of content that can be optimized for print, web, fax and email delivery. Our versatile platform options facilitate variable letter and contract output as well as fully integrated web-to-print capability to support field sales customization of brand-approved, legally compliant content.

Maintaining 100% regulatory compliance on mandated mailings is a crucial aspect of healthcare communications management. CommONE’s enterprise-specific compliance management dashboard provides real-time reporting on full life cycle project status, from initial file receipt to up-to-the-minute mail distribution data and compliance adherence status across all contract and regulatory processes.

CommONE customers enjoy unparalleled visibility into their communications production process through the use of our collaborative, web-based project management tools that facilitate consistent dialogue between our program managers, production teams and client services staff. Comprehensive warehouse management tools provide a centralized, accurate view of inventory levels to drive automated replenishment procedures and maximize the use of print assets to eliminate waste.

The ability to drive members to receipt of e-deliverables can be a game-changing strategy for cost control of mandated mailings. CommONE supports preference-based content distribution through deployment of best-of-breed opt-in programs and up-to-the-minute preference databases. And with print still a valuable and often-preferred medium, we offer the nation’s most sophisticated approach to print production and fulfillment, including zero-make ready offset and inkjet web digital print-on-demand.

Healthcare Insurance Solutions

Key Benefits

  • Cost-Optimized Distribution: Network of established relationships with best-of-breed carriers and mail service providers for guaranteed lowest-cost postal rates.
  • ISO 27001 Certified Data Management: Stringent data management standards and protocols ensure HIPPA compliancy and the protection of all parties’ information.
  • Integrated Process Management: Marketing communications, bindery and print manufacturing partners located in close proximity enable streamlined operational management.
  • Guaranteed Compliancy: Easily accessible web interface monitors and prevents threats to non-compliancy by combining multiple vendors real-time data with compliance-driven material due dates.
  • Versatile Print Options: The most versatile printing technologies available as needed to select the most appropriate and cost-effective equipment for specific job requirements.

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