Total Control.

Ruled by Change.

New healthcare legislation has caused increased administrative burden, health plans are facing new regulatory requirements, state and federal reimbursements have been reduced, and cross-media delivery of health plan communications has become a must. For many membership communications managers, adapting to these changes while containing cost can be a recipe for disaster if not supported by the right suite of technology and an agile collateral management process.

A Network of Reliability

We offer the most extensive network of print, fulfillment and distribution resources in the industry in order to provide uninterrupted, fluid chains of health plan collateral trafficking. Our network is comprised of a powerhouse of communications, print, bindery and mail services companies that work hand-in-hand to deliver unparalleled process management control. It is our integrated management approach that enables us to provide total workflow visibility and superior quality of service.

Being a member of one the largest and most versatile print manufacturing organizations also provides our clients with the extensive resource, revenue and backup support required to ensure workflow continuity, critical to regulatory-driven communications production.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Our collection of cutting-edge print technology, supported by the most advanced web-to-print portals, grant our healthcare clients the ability to customize, produce and track millions of personalized print and electronic materials accurately and on time without ever having to compromise quality.

Distribution Optimization

The headache-free document management workflows we implement are further supplemented by our breakthrough distribution optimization methodologies, which produce millions in annual savings for our clients. While other businesses fail to recognize that the cost of distribution and kitting can outweigh that of production, we address the entire cost of supply chain management.

From ID cards, directories, SBCs, EOBs, ANOC/EOCs, to pre and post-enrollment kits, we are experts in effecting seamless and flexible workflow processes that allow for more efficient and effective operations, while assuring compliance and new savings.

CommONE - a single-source, managed services program for health plan communications

Services Provided

  • Zero-inventory EOC and ANOC/EOC production
  • High-personalization pre-enrollment kits with integrated tracking and measurement technology
  • Optimized inventory management of long page count directories and formularies
  • Automated, personalized dynamic document assembly with integrated archival PDF production
  • Postal savings optimization for pre and post enrollment kit mailings
  • Advanced web-to-print solutions for field sales customization of documents, such as Summary of Benefits documents for commercial accounts

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