The Best of Both Worlds.

Relevance. Measurement. Mobility

For many brands in the consumer space, marketing strategies have long leveraged print ads to drive brand development. Ads were typically spectacular in design but neither actionable nor readily measurable for their impact on the bottom line. Today, with the growing impact of interactive online techniques, social media, and user-generated video content, brands are being challenged to make print a more measurable, interactive and engaging experience in order to remain valuable in a world increasingly focused on online ad techniques which can offer unique engagement potential while also being readily measured.

Enter AdMine.

AdMine is a comprehensive personalized advertising program designed to help deliver the power of 1-to-1 marketing in consumer or business publications.

Developed in collaboration with Hearst Magazines and Command Group partner Strategic Content Imaging, AdMine provides consulting, creative services support, data management, action code integration and reporting services to support the placement of 1-to-1 ads as onserts or inserts in magazines.

AdMine services are delivered using a structured project management process intended to allow publication sales, creative and production teams to focus on client objectives, while Cierant project managers help support a smooth integration of the technical, data and management details associated with the planning, digital printing and magazine binding/mailing phases of the projects.

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Admine's 1 to 1 Ads

Key Benefits

With personalized print, creative teams can create:

  1. engaging customer experiences targeted by demographic profile to create greater stopping power and encouraging interaction
  2. introduce targeted rewards based on past customer history or built around reader profiles
  3. build layered offline-to-online interactive experiences enriched by behavioral logic.

AdMine programs help publishers maximize the value of their print publications by supporting:

  1. the delivery of targeted advertising that can offer greater relevance and value to readers
  2. measurement of reader engagement that helps advertisers understand effectiveness and publishers learn more about their subscribers
  3. flexible print-to-mobile activation to permit execution of highly engaging ad programs and interactive media.

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