Extending the Life of the Title.

Predicting print costs has evolved into an increasingly complex task for STM journals publishers that stretches far beyond the old metrics of press, paper and ink. As many readers move to eSubscriptions, publishers struggle to cost-effectively support the loyal subscribers that continue to request printed editions. While publishers seek a more flexible production system that can quickly and affordably produce small run sizes, traditional print business models fail to evolve.

An On-Demand Approach

Discover JournalsXpress, a progressive approach to print subscription management that empowers publishers to focus less on platforms and more on delivering subscriber value. JournalsXpress couples the advantages of high-speed print on-demand and automated replenishment programs in order to retain the profitability of printed journal subscriptions.


Eliminate the need to carry excess inventory or pay storage fees by printing subscriber requests for first-run, back-order, stock-out and author reprints just-in-time for distribution. Supported by one of the top digital facilities in the nation, we employ high-speed inkjet technology that reduces print costs far below industry norms.

Whereas many service providers treat distribution as an afterthought to print production, the data-driven approach of JournalsXpress leverages the entire pool of distribution data as early as possible in the process so that opportunities to streamline operations and reduce costs can be better identified.

Experience the efficiency of our in-house mail services and logistics unit, which provides complete data list processing management and fulfillment services. We assemble, address, insert, pack and deliver all orders while leveraging our postal optimization expertise to achieve maximum postal discounts on every mailing.

Specifically built for journals production management, our custom reporting system integrates all order data, traffics all job tickets to our print production partner, and reports on all production and distribution data. Use of a shared interface also allows our clients to deliver improved customer service by being able to trouble-shoot issues with real-time data.

We build custom eCommerce sites to support our clients print on-demand programs and help accelerate cash flow. The publication storefront houses all articles and titles so that visitors can easily locate and purchase reprints. Our design-led platforms automate order processing and fulfillment while providing real-time customer order notifications.

JournalsXpress - zero-inventory journals production management

Key Benefits

  • Improves cash flow
  • Reduces overhead costs
  • Decreases cycle times
  • Manages complex distribution
  • Enhances subscriber value

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