CRM for the Mobile Generation.

Mobile Customer Engagement (MCE) is all about helping consumers enjoy consistent, increasingly customized experiences with your brand.

As the name suggests, MCE makes use of a consumer’s mobile phone or tablet computing devices to trigger engaging interactions with trigger media both in-store and at home.

At the core of the MCE experience is a mobile application designed to support multiple formats of print-to-mobile activation, including:

  1. QR Codes
  2. Augmented Reality

The mobile platform is fully brandable and encourages user registration. Once the user joins the program, each interaction adds to the systems knowledge and can build on activity level and purchase history to tailor the experience and related promotional offers.

Most important, the MCE platform supplements your web data set by providing critical data about “intermediate expressions of interest”…those initial clicks on trigger content that let you know a consumer might be interested in a product or service you offer.

Finally, once a user is registered with your mobile app, the MCE platform permits you to push special offers to their mobile device based on promotional calendars or CRM logic.

MCE provides customized experiences with your brand

Key Benefits

  • Encourages user registration
  • Helps consumers enjoy consistent, customized experiences with your brand
  • Collects critical data about interest in a product or service
  • Enables push of special offers to consumer’s mobile devices

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