What Shoppers Want from Retail Technology

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Interactions, a global leader of customer care solutions and experiential marketing, released their latest Retail Perceptions report, titled “What Shoppers Want From Retail Technology.” The study was commissioned to explore when and how shoppers want to interact with technology during their retail journey. The study found that incorporation of more advanced technology is strongly desired […]

Determining Where to Place Your Digital Investments

Healthcare organizations are making rapid investment in digital technologies to compete with the digital advancement of other industries. But in a haste to innovate, many of these investments are lacking proper planning, measurement and infrastructure support. Health plans need to stop thinking of how they can keep pace with the latest trend, and start thinking […]

A Data-Driven Hairbrush and Other Inspiring IoT Innovations

The world’s first-ever “smart” hairbrush has arrived. Keratese, in partnership with Withings, announced the Keratase Hair Coach, powered by Withings. Developed in collaboration with L’Oreal’s Research and Innovation Technology Incubator, the brush features Withing’s advanced sensors and L’Oreal’s signal analysis algorithms to score the quality of hair and track the effects of different hair care […]

Developing Contextually Aware, “Living” Services

There’s a tremendous wave of change heading toward the retail business environment that will turn today’s approaches and strategies in completely new directions, impacting everything from store design to communication with consumers.  The name of this new wave? Living Services. While there was the desktop Web wave of the 1990s and the mobile wave of […]

From Static Notifications—to Interactive Journeys

In order to earn a place in the customer experience era, health insurers need omnichannel communications. They need communications that understand context and that facilitate two-way conversations. In order to begin to create such communications, insurers must examine their full cycle of pre- and post-sale materials and consider how they can be made more interactive, […]

Driving Change with a Liquid Workforce

Insurers looking to win in the digital economy cannot seek transformation through technology alone. Technology is the driver of change—but people are the vehicle and thus, digital transformation must begin with people first. In order to adapt a “people first” approach to digital transformation, organizations must create a digital culture that empowers people to think […]

6 Ways Insurers Are Reimagining Their Distribution Models

As part of their Distribution and Agency Management Survey, Accenture polled more than 400 senior executives at large and medium-sized insurance carriers in 20 countries from July to October of 2015, all responsible for or involved in their companies distribution and agency management function. While the majority of those surveyed were from life and property […]