Secure Electronic ANOC/EOC Opt-In Now—Save Major in 2018

CMS’s 2017 Annual Notice of Change/Evidence of Coverage (ANOC/EOC) standardized model materials include an instructional PDF to be used as an implementation guide to managing necessary document alterations, HPMS submissions and mailing processes. Within this year’s instructions notice, under the section “Mailing the Documents” (pg. 5), it details:

“MAOs, PDPs and Cost Plans may include an “opt-in” form in the ANOC/EOC mailing to receive the CY 2018 ANOC/EOC electronically.”

What does this mean for insurers? Incredible potential for major production and distribution savings on their 2018 ANOC/EOC’s…for the ones able to act now that is!

In order to reap the savings on one of the most complex and time-sensitive mandated materials that Medicare Advantage organizations must send out each September, insurers must move quickly to design a form to be included in this year’s ANOC/EOC package. By leveraging the opportunity of this year’s package, the opt-in message will have real, tangible relevance to the recipient as they physically experience the weight and volume of the piece.

Effective opt-in messaging should be honest, and explain to the recipient that the ANOC/EOC, included in the package, is one of the most high-volume pieces plans must produce and send to their thousands of members each year, and in choosing to receive it electronically, they are saving themselves from having to handle and store the piece while gaining 24/7 online access to it via one secure location and helping to support environmental sustainability. Opt-in can further be encouraged by leveraging small incentives in the form of online discount/coupon redemption.

While plans must offer the ability for the recipient to complete and mail back the printed opt-in form, the primary objective should be to drive recipients to a Web-based form in order to support a more secure and validated opt-in process that ensures complete data field entry and automates the transmission of the form data to your preference management and customer service databases.

While you may be thinking, how can my IT department with already limited bandwidth possibly setup a secure, Web-based form for early September or my marketing department, scrambling to meet the September 30th in-hands deadline, design a printed form and sophisticated e-delivery strategy that addresses the many systems integration and HIPAA concerns in such little time, Cierant is making the process stress-free and simple for our clients!

A technology-driven company that deploys and manages Web-based solutions across our portfolio of health insurance clients to support the efficient collection and on-demand fulfillment of hard copy provider directory requests, we are experts in deploying Web-based preference management solutions affordably, conveniently and quickly to meet evolving needs.

To learn more about how Cierant can architect and implement an effective e-delivery opt-in strategy for your business with incredible stealth and speed, please call 203-731-3555 or submit an inquiry at

Reference: 2017 Model Materials, “2017 ANOC-EOC InstructionsFinal”

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