Gone Silent…And Back Again.

Marketing is not rocket science. Then, why can it be so hard??

Over the past several months, I have been on a bit of a journey as several exciting new program initiatives have taken off at Cierant. That is good. Less good is the impact it has had on our marketing, which as happens in so many companies, took a backseat to customer priorities during this growth phase.

Of course, marketing does not work that way. Marketing in modern markets…consumer or B2B…is about creating connection, dialogue, engagement — all by-products of a consistent and even-keeled program. Yes, flashy, high-profile campaigns still have a place, but it is even more critical to be consistent and steady, constantly delivering value to your audience, and ultimately, there when they are ready to buy. In a world of near-infinite media options, and millions of technology-enabled marketers able to credible content that is both compelling and accessible, the failure of “absence” is more definitive than ever.

Over the weeks ahead, I will be working to reestablish foundered relationships and rebuild the following I had grown previously. For me it has been a lesson. Hopefully by posting this mea culpa, it can serve as a lesson for you too.

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