Walgreens Back-to-School SM Inspiration

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Back-to school is the second largest shopping season for retailers, following closely behind Christmas. While some shoppers and retailers may believe that back-to-school shopping is primarily comprised of pencils, binders and notebooks, the retailers who find the most success extend the scope of back to school readiness far beyond classroom supplies. Out of the 77 […]

Four Ways to Improve Promotional Analysis

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Retailers and consumer brands deploy promotions every day in the form of circulars, coupons, FSI’s, direct mailers, digital offers and more. While promotions are becoming better personalized and more multi-touch, the ability to measure the effectiveness of them remains weak. The main reason promotional analysis is limited is due to the amount of data that […]

Blue Cross Blue Shield Empowers Consumer Choice

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The ACA forced healthcare payers to engage with their prospects like true consumers and offer the experiences of online shopping and direct to consumer marketing. One of the most difficult online shopping experiences payers have been challenged to offer is pricing transparency. Blue Cross Blue Shield has emerged as a leader in the pricing transparency […]

Four Ways Payers are Leveraging Data to Improve Operations

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Tableau, a data visualization company, recently released a report titled “How to Improve Healthcare Payer Operations with Data.” The report examines how payers are pressured to improve operational efficiencies, lower costs and drive new revenue, but can only do so with access to meaningful data insights. As a result, innovation-led payers are building agile software […]

Three Ways to Optimize Website Conversion

With consumers adopting online healthcare shopping behaviors at a rapid pace, a health insurers’s website has become the first point of contact between a health plan and the consumer. With this, it’s critical that a health insurer’s website provides prospects with insight into the company’s brand value and customer experience, which means delivering compelling content […]