Three Ways to Optimize Website Conversion

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With consumers adopting online healthcare shopping behaviors at a rapid pace, a health insurers’s website has become the first point of contact between a health plan and the consumer. With this, it’s critical that a health insurer’s website provides prospects with insight into the company’s brand value and customer experience, which means delivering compelling content […]

Sales Enablement for the Digital Era

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Without the right tools, content and processes, healthcare sales representatives cannot perform to their maximum potential. The emergence of the omnichannel consumer has made many healthcare sales processes and tools outdated and ineffective. Most millennials don’t like to talk on the phone or even in person – they like to conduct their own online research […]

A Seven-Step Approach to CPG Growth

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The CPG industry is in a state of turbulence. Smaller, more tightly focused companies are emerging and outpacing the larger players. Digital technologies are creating new ways for CPGs to connect with consumers. Center store is shrinking as consumers shift to produce-dominated diets. Online retailers like Amazon are delivering levels of service personalization and convenience […]

Four Ways CPGs Are Combating Declining Sales

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Over the past several years, sales have declined across the largest CPG companies at a startling rate. According to Nielsen, the 20 largest consumer packaged-goods companies suffered from flat sales last year, while smaller ones posted sales growth of only 2.4%. In order to address diminishing sales and evolving consumer shopping behaviors, CPGs have had […]

Evolving Marketing to the Multichannel Age-In

Today’s Medicare-eligible Boomers are unlike their predecessors. They are tech savvy and go online to learn about topics of interest to them, particularly for health information and shopping Medicare options. In fact, for the first time in their 11 years of conducting their annual Age-In study, Deft Research, a health insurance consumer intelligence company, found […]

Creating a Lean Shopper Marketing Machine

Major advancements are being made in collaborative technology, marketing automation and data-driven marketing, yet oddly the processes that drive shopper marketing remain antiquated. Shopper marketers carry brilliant ideas, market intelligence and customer insights, yet struggle to actualize their ideas due to the intense manual labor required of their jobs and lack of workflow technology. With […]

What Shoppers Want from Retail Technology

Interactions, a global leader of customer care solutions and experiential marketing, released their latest Retail Perceptions report, titled “What Shoppers Want From Retail Technology.” The study was commissioned to explore when and how shoppers want to interact with technology during their retail journey. The study found that incorporation of more advanced technology is strongly desired […]