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Strengthening customer relationships and achieving customer-centricity have become strategic imperatives for health insurers struggling to compete in an increasingly growing market. Cierant’s CommONE is a customer communications management program that helps insurers implement new, creative ways to put data to work for maximum marketing reach and superior customer relationship management.

While other organizations take a “plug and place” approach to personalization, we understand that design for data is an art of its own that begins at initial layout conception. Our variable data design experts carry over a decade of experience in executing ROI-generating personalized campaigns, specially constructing templates that seamlessly transition across media and allow personalized elements to be naturally interwoven into the fabric of the design.

Key Features:

  • Expert strategy for delivering one-to-one communications
  • A unified technology platform to support in-house and broker-based sales processes
  • A cross-media communications delivery program that features real-time reporting
  • ISO 27001 Certified information management infrastructure


Key Benefits

  • Maximizes member acquisition and retention
  • Strengthens member loyalty and engagement
  • Increases communications measurability
  • Ensures data is leveraged in an effective, secure and ethical manner
  • Transforms every communication touch point into new opportunity

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