Top Four Obstacles of Data-Driven Marketing Execution

As the healthcare industry becomes increasingly consumer driven, healthcare marketers are under enormous pressure to deliver personalized experiences across media that merge individual’s lifetime engagement data with their real-time actions and behaviors. Marketers know they must be able to real-time recognize and respond to their customers, but according to a 2017 study of more than […]

A Data-Driven Hairbrush and Other Inspiring IoT Innovations

The world’s first-ever “smart” hairbrush has arrived. Keratese, in partnership with Withings, announced the Keratase Hair Coach, powered by Withings. Developed in collaboration with L’Oreal’s Research and Innovation Technology Incubator, the brush features Withing’s advanced sensors and L’Oreal’s signal analysis algorithms to score the quality of hair and track the effects of different hair care […]

From Shopper Programs—to Shopper Solutions

Manufacturers are trying to leverage their shopper marketing dollars by creating programs capable of building brand equity, engagement and sales. To achieve this, they are turning to shopper solutions. While shopper programs were once thought of as primarily consumer promotions that incentivize shoppers to purchase a product by offering a discount, when we examine behavior […]

Inspiring Millennial Health Engagement with Mobile Gamification

Millennials, age 21-32, are the new consumer group driving the shift towards patient-centered care. In order to meet their demands for a more personal healthcare experience, health insurers must first understand some of the unique behaviors of self-empowered millennials. Millennials research their symptoms online before visiting a doctor and turn to their social communities for […]

2017 MA Final Call Letter: Provider Directory Requirements Update

The 2017 Final Call Letter to Medicare Advantage Organizations (MAOs) continued to emphasize the importance of provider directory accuracy and the increased monitoring and enforcement actions to commence due to preliminary data collected via the PNA Pilot Program that found severe violations with the Part D and Part C requirements. CMS stated, however, that they […]