Ahold Delhaize Makes Personalization a Priority

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At the 2017 Shopper Marketing Summit, Amy Hahn, Senior Vice President of Marketing for Ahold Delhaize, presented “Bringing Fresh Inspiration Every Day.” In her presentation, she discussed one of the most significant ways in which Ahold Delhaize is delivering on their initiative to deliver fresh inspiration daily to their customers—personalized content. “It’s a huge, huge […]

Transforming Member Experiences into Retention Continuums

At the 2016 Direct-to-Consumer Healthcare Marketing Summit, Amy Swanson, Vice President of Marketing, Advocacy and Member Experience at UnitedHealthcare, gave a presentation on how United is transforming the traditional Medicaid member experience into one that builds loyalty at every touch, from the point of on-boarding to benefits navigation and daily member service support. They have […]

Premera Blue Cross Puts Consumers at the Center

While many health insurance organizations acknowledge the fact that consumers experience confusion when navigating the processes of selecting, paying and navigating health care, few have taken proactive action to change this reality. Premera Blue Cross, however, is setting an all new standard. They have actually made it their new corporate mission to become more customer-focused, […]

Addressing the Three Consumer Journey C’s

Consumers are now the fastest growing payer in the U.S. Their perceptions of the healthcare customer experience are now driving market realities and shaping brand engagement and service delivery standards. For this reason, it has become imperative that insurers take the time to understand consumer mindsets related to healthcare. The National Research Corporation (NRC Health) […]

Colgate’s 7 Steps to Building High-Value Shopper Solutions

As a member of a company that intricately manages the retail execution cycle of CPG programs daily, I found it of interest to attend Colgate-Palmolive’s seminar “Building Value with Shopper Platforms” at the 2016 Path to Purchase Expo, presented by Barry Roberts, Director of Retail Shopper Solutions and Marie-Agnes Daumas, Director of the Shopper Marketing […]

From Shopper Programs—to Shopper Solutions

Manufacturers are trying to leverage their shopper marketing dollars by creating programs capable of building brand equity, engagement and sales. To achieve this, they are turning to shopper solutions. While shopper programs were once thought of as primarily consumer promotions that incentivize shoppers to purchase a product by offering a discount, when we examine behavior […]