Mobile Emergency Response Plan

What It Means to be Emergency Ready

Emergencies and disasters happen when we least expect them. When disaster strikes, there’s no time to scramble looking for a paper-based plan. Employees need to be able to instantly access and activate emergency response plans. That’s why we developed ERP-RedE™—a mobile application that maximizes business resilience through rapid response action and intelligence.

The Confidence & Clarity to React In an Instant

A mobile emergency response plan app, ERP-RedE shifts your emergency plans out of the three-ring binder and into the smartphones of your employees. Vital response plans, safety procedures and compliance checklists are made available in a convenient format that staff can follow in even the most challenging circumstances. No fumbling trying to locate paper plans—with one touch of our app, the information you and yours colleagues need is available in an instant.

Eliminate the bulk and expense of paper-based alternatives with a mobile solution that gives staff the knowledge needed to react swiftly and safely.


Serving as a centralized source for emergency response plans and communications, ERP-RedE offers six modules that businesses can customize with their enterprise-specific content:

Provide employees with the most up-to-date contact information for your emergency response team, building security, local responders, vendors, and more. With one-touch dialing, employees are able to rapidly reach the right help when seconds matter.
For multi-location businesses, providing employees with the correct address information, evacuation map and Incident Team for their building is essential. The Buildings module stores building-specific information, from floor plans to equipment lists and utility shutoff locations.
To efficiently react, employees need a step-by-step list of procedures that’s easy to follow and relevant to their specific level of responsibility. The Checklists module houses response action checklists and makes them viewable by emergency response role. As team members complete checklist items, notifications are sent to administrators.
Displayed in an intuitive, flipchart format, the Plans module organizes your emergency response plans by event type and emergency level. Events can be customized to those most pertinent to your business, from severe weather to active shooter, hazardous spill, system failure, power outage and more.
Alert employees of threats immediately upon detection and coordinate response actions with two-way messaging that allows you to send notifications to your complete employee list or to specific groups, offices and locations. Pre-built templates designed for different events make editing and sending notifications simple.
Upload and organize supporting documents within the app to provide a single point of reference for all business continuity, recovery and emergency response information, including training presentations, incident report forms and organizational charts.

Mobile Emergency Response Plan

Key Benefits

  • Simplifies Updates: Real-time content updates ensure information accuracy.
  • Accelerates Response Time: Provides instant access to the intelligence staff need.
  • Reduces Cost: Eliminates the cost of having to design and print paper booklets.
  • Increases Compliance: Maintains digital log of response actions & communications.
  • 24/7 Access: Works without WiFi connectivity.

Advance Your Emergency Readiness!

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