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The ability to drive members to receipt of e-deliverables can be a game-changing strategy for cost control of mandated mailings and enrichment of marketing campaigns. CommONE: Connect is a preference-based content distribution system that leverages strategic electronic delivery opt-in programs, real-time preference management databases and state-of-the-art cross-media technology applications in order to bring insurers to the forefront of digital engagement while dramatically reducing print costs.

CommONE: Connect offers a complete portfolio of cross-media customer communication and engagement services specifically designed for the health insurance industry.

CommONE: Connect Portfolio:

Deploy a real-time preference management database connected to web panels within your member portal that readily allow members to specify their preferred channel of communication and customer service teams to gain up-to-the-minute insight into member needs.

Make your brochures and direct mail campaigns interactive by integrating QR codes and image-triggered technology that delivers personalized content and rewards directly to customers’ mobile devices.

Reduce print costs and meet evolving consumer preferences by seamlessly integrating secure electronic delivery with print-on-demand via implementation of our sophisticated email output platform and multilayer opt-in strategies.

Connect our dynamic variable composition engine to your member portal or email server to distribute fully personalized communications to members’ channel of choice on-demand while accessing real-time campaign engagement reporting.

Simplify and customize the process of re-enrollment and cross-over plan sign-up through rapid deployment of fully branded, fully personalized landing pages that pre-populate members’ enrollment information into secure online forms supported by plan recommendation and comparison tools.

Support full-function cross-media communications and closed loop marketing through deployment of secure, personalized landing pages or group portals that feature individualized messaging and content resources such as wellness program information, health reminders, assessments/surveys, promotional literature and more.

Key Benefits

By integrating the interactivity and convenience of digital with print-based communications, insurers can:

  • Reduce the cost of printing, warehousing and distribution
  • Increase customer retention through more frequent, personalized and transparent communications
  • Improve communications compliance and deliverability
  • Satisfy evolving consumer preferences
  • Deliver more personalized, action-orientated marketing and wellness campaigns
  • Present a green, forward-thinking company
  • Transition to changing electronic material distribution policies


Make The Transition!

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