Cierant: SMO Special Report

Shopper Marketing in Transition

2017 Shopper Marketing Optimization Report

Evolving Processes for Performance.

As the consumer goods industry makes agility and cost-effectiveness an operational imperative, shopper marketing is feeling the pressure to evolve. The demand for transformation has led to the development of an all new practice—the practice of Shopper Marketing Optimization (SMO).

SMO is the application of digital tools, processes and data to improve cost and efficiency across every phase of the shopper marketing lifecycle. To understand how shopper marketers are pursuing the practice, Cierant teamed up with Consumer Goods Technology (CGT), leading industry news and research provider, to conduct a study.

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Who We Are.

Cierant Corporation is a marketing process innovation company that makes brands’ shopper marketing programs more manageable, measurable and cost-effective through implementation of their Shopper Marketing Optimization (SMO) system: SHOPT™. SHOPT is a cloud-based solution that digitally transform shopper marketing budgeting, planning, execution and analysis.

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