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Instigo™: Manage Less—Execute More.

CPG marketers spend far too many hours managing the processes of shopper marketing program execution and far too little analyzing and optimizing promotional activity across customers. Our solution? Proprietary software that simplifies this time-consuming part of your business and enables you to focus on the bigger picture. Enter Instigo™: a retail marketing automation system that streamlines and automates the complete planning to execution workflow, empowering field sales to easily and expertly plan and execute localized programs in minutes.

Key Features

Instigo is revolutionizing the way brands go to market via the following key features:

Synchronize shopper marketing messaging, media and timing at the national and local level through a promotional planning calendar. The promotional planning calendar gives marketing stakeholders visibility into planned activities while enabling sales users to make more strategic program selections in being able to view the total picture. The calendar displays all available programs in a Gantt chart format, with granular display filters that allow sales to view programs by participating brands, categories, products, run times and other custom filters. Users can also click-through programs to view details and cost estimates prior to scheduling, enabling more enlightened decision making and more effective budget allocation.

Retailer customization and delivery of brand and legally compliant marketing for cross-media output is made easy with the Instigo ad builder. The integrated ad builder applies an intuitive workflow that enables users to customize and co-brand in-store and digital marketing tactics via database-driven tactic templates. Logos, product shots, backgrounds, offers, conditions, recipes, QR codes, PURLs and more can all be pre-populated into templates via simple menu-driven selection, reducing the cost and inefficiencies of versioning ad creative for local markets and enabling corporate brand identity control across channels.

Providing a systematic review and approval service for your programs, the Instigo approval workflow can be custom configured to meet unique business requirements and ensures that all creative proofs are reviewed by defined administrators prior to scheduling for production. By employing an online approval process, proof accuracy is maximized and a traceable archive is maintained of all final approved creative for easy re-ordering, automatic version control and a single source of truth creative teams can rely upon.

After program creative is approved, the system automatically generates a job ticket and exports it with the approved creative files to the appropriate execution systems. For print, the system can output the press-optimized files directly to our print-on-demand partner or the client’s pre-established production vendor. For web, email, social and mobile, the system can easily integrate with in-house or agency systems, as well as our own digital activation services.

Custom reporting is available across a broad range of system activities, including granular-level reporting on program and tactic spending in relation to available budget. Administrators can allocate and track BTL and ATL budget across programs, tactics, retailers and individual system users via the budget management module. Reporting is also available on program activity across categories, products and customers, which can be aligned with in-store sales data to measure incremental sales lift and optimize performance.

Download, access, share and manage your assets from a central content management library within the system that makes leveraging brand content across media simple. Store and organize digital and content assets by the category filters you define, including product images, retailer logos, offers, disclaimers, recipes and sales materials. Thumbnails, low resolution web-ready images and high resolution print-ready images are all supported for on-demand tactic integration and channel output.

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