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In thinking about what to title this publication, we thought ‘Axiom’ fit well. Why? Well, because an Axiom is defined as a self-evident truth or a universally accepted principle, and this newsletter is all about reminding marketers of the fundamental decrees that we often forget or neglect under the increasing pressure to do more.

Technology is only as good as the processes they are supporting…creative is only as good as the context it is delivered in…engagement is only as good as the analytics driving it. As a communications solutions provider, we understand these truths far better than most, and our Axiom newsletters are committed to sharing proven tactics with you that can help evolve your marketing communications in a gradual and practical manner that is always grounded in the basics.

With each edition, you can expect there to be three thought-provoking sections:

  1. Strategy: A new way of approaching a marketing initiative or process with the evidence to support its merit.
  2. Management: An idea of how to better manage your teams, systems, programs, or content, with a guiding action plan to help you get started.
  3. Trends: A revealing infographic from a recent study that highlights a particular marketing or consumer behavior shift that marketers should note.

We hope that this trio of content will leave you feeling invigorated and motivated to tackle the month’s challenges in more informed, clever and exciting ways.

Looking forward to arriving in your inbox in the coming weeks!

    – The Cierant Team

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