Date:               September 09, 2016

Cierant Corporation Announces Appointment of New President

Organizational Restructure Reflects Commitment to Advancement of Women in the Workplace

DANBURY, CONN. — On August 24, 2016, Lisa Cioban, current Chief Operating Officer of Cierant Corporation, became President and principle stockholder of Cierant in an internal transaction between her and former principle stockholder, James Cioban. This occurred in coordination with a series of organizational changes focused upon Cierant’s pursuit of Woman Owned Business Designation, to be certified through the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC).

Lisa Cioban will be assuming the role of President of Cierant, in addition to her current role as Chief Operating Officer. James Cioban, current President & Chief Executive Officer, will become Chairman while serving as Chief Technology Officer. As president, Lisa Cioban will continue to develop and drive strategies that support Cierant’s mission to deliver strategic, data-driven, agile and secure solutions across industries.

“I am proud and honored to lead Cierant into this new era. As a longtime investor and manager in the company, I look forward to guiding the company to new heights while retaining the diverse and inclusive character that is the core of our culture,” said Lisa Cioban.

Having supported the success of Cierant for 25 years in a variety of operations-focused positions while serving as its major investor since 2003, Lisa Cioban is well-equipped to assume this role. As part of the senior management team, she helped guide Cierant through the nation’s economic downturn, reinventing and rebuilding Cierant to enable the company to emerge more resilient. She oversaw Cierant’s ISO 27001 certification of their Information Security Management System (ISMS) in 2013, and as ISMS manager, has ensured annual re-certification every year since. Additionally, she implemented the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) across Cierant’s eCommerce client websites and manages the smooth operation of major client solutions, such as Cierant’s CommONE, a healthcare communications management service and Instigo, a shopper marketing workflow automation system.

This change in management and pursuit of WBENC certification is intended to formalize Cierant’s commitment to female advancement in the workplace and recognize the critical role that Lisa Cioban and the company’s predominantly female employees have played in the company’s long history, and continue to play today.

For over a decade, Cierant has consisted of 70 percent female employees and its current management is primarily female, including the Director of Finance & HR, Patricia Bragg, the Director of Customer Service, Shanna White, and the Director of Development, Shruti Shrivastava.

“This change reflects both a philosophy and cultural behavior in our company. I am proud of all the people who have worked or still work for us today, who have made it obvious that diversity can be both good for the community and good for business,” said James Cioban.

While the management changes are not expected to have any visible impact on daily operations, the shift will enable organizations looking to diversify their supplier base to more easily meet their goal while officializing Cierant’s corporate-wide support of women leadership and success in the workplace.

For more information, please contact Marissa Feigen at 203-731-3540 or email

Cierant Corporation is a communications innovation company that analyzes, optimizes and manages enterprise organizations’ customer communication and consumer marketing programs. The company delivers agile processes and platforms across a diverse range of industries that meet both complex creative and compliance requirements while increasing workflow transparency, consumer engagement and operational cost-effectiveness.


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