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Unleashing the Power of XMPie

Business that sell their goods or services through a network of channel partners, dealers or resellers often require highly localized marketing materials, but adapting creative to hundreds of local markets can be costly and time-consuming. That’s where XMPie’s world-class dynamic composition engine becomes invaluable. Named a leader in the Magic Quadrant for Customer Communication Management Software, XMPie offers the most advanced approach to variable content production, but requires specialized expertise in order to put into business-specific practice.

Consultant. Integrator. Developer.

Cierant is a trusted XMPie partner that helps small to enterprise-sized businesses champion the demand for at-scale marketing execution by configuring XMPie PersonalEffect®, uStore® and Circle™ into bespoke distributed marketing platforms. Whether your business requires a simple web2print storefront for ordering customized collateral or a robust application with advanced functionality and API integration—Cierant can be counted on to deliver a scalable solution that meets your needs.


From pre-purchase consulting to custom application architecture, Cierant offers a range of services to help unleash the power of automated content localization:

For companies considering purchasing or that have recently purchased XMPie, our consultants can help bring confidence to your investment decision. We’ll conduct a thorough analysis of your business requirements and processes to ensure you’re licensing the most appropriate technologies for your needs, then work with you to develop an implementation plan that maximizes flexibility and ease-of-use.
Recognizing that purchasing XMPie is only the first step, we offer server hosting and administrative maintenance of the complete XMPie technology suite to keep your investments operating securely and efficiently. Hosting is available on all XMPie-supported cloud providers, including AWS and Microsoft Azure, in addition to management of all monthly upgrades so that you’re always working on the latest version and utilizing the newest features.
Recognizing XMPie’s uStore NG as the leading platform for marketing portal deployment, we offer out-of-the-box Storefront implementation to accelerate time-to-market. We’ll brand the platform in accordance with your style guidelines, in addition to configuring your products, content templates, shipping options and more. With our support, all your teams need to do is log in to start ordering customized print and cross-media marketing communications.
While uStore NG offers an excellent marketing portal framework, larger businesses often require a more expansive navigation menu and custom ordering workflow that can accommodate specific proofing, approvals, cost estimating and shipping requirements. Having completed over a hundred custom storefront projects, our programmers are expert at integrating custom pages, behaviors, plugins and extensions to deliver portals optimized for utility.
Enterprise organizations often wish to bring the functionality of PersonalEffect® and Circle™ into a user interface that mirrors their business process workflows, integrates service providers and centralizes analytics. In this instance, we leverage the scalability of XMPie technologies to offer custom application development. Our seasoned team of diversified programmers stream the dynamic publishing power of PersonalEffect into web and mobile-based apps that power national field sales and marketing operations for both highly regulated and creative industries.

The Power of XMPie® Unleashed

Key Benefits

  • Network of Digital Print Partners: Partnerships with nation-leading digital print-on-demand providers for rapid VDP job fulfillment using proven workflows
  • Mail Data List Processing: In-house list processing unit that runs recipient data files through NCOA and CASS prior to uStore upload for optimized mail deliverability.
  • Data Science Expertise: Proficiency in designing advanced data structures and SQL queries to eliminate manual data management and utilize real-time data.
  • Digital Activation Support: Ability to design and integrate personalized e-blasts and landing pages for automated cross-media campaign activation.
  • Scalable Application Architecture: Modular development that supports continuous functionality enhancement through plugin, API and extensions integration.

Stop Standardizing—Start Localizing!

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