New Process - New Performance

The Last Automation Frontier

While trade promotion, retail execution and other fundamental CPG functions leverage technology to automate processes and unify insights, shopper marketing fails to modernize. In fact, our 2018 Shopper Marketing Optimization Report found that 78% rank their shopper marketing process efficiency as average or worse.

With lack of modernization hindering performance, Shopper Marketing Optimization (SMO) has become critical to revenue growth.

SHOPT: A Transformation Toolkit

SHOPT™ is a cloud-based SMO software system that offers all of the tools shopper marketers need to transform their processes for performance. Reflecting the evolution of shopper marketing management, the system not only delivers a better way to work, but a better way to organize and grow the practice.


Optimize your commercial investments with a collaborative budgeting tool that allows managers to assign budgets to measurable goals, allocate across teams and/or accounts, and track performance through real-time reporting of spending activity, viewable at the customer, category or brand level.

Streamline program planning with a standardized workflow that guides you to the most strategic program for your account and allows you to seamlessly create a solo or multi-brand plan through selection of key scheduling data—from run time to participating retailers and material due date.

Reduce artwork development costs and improve consistency with a content management system that creates templated versions of key program creative for all digital and in-store tactics to support live customization via menu-driven selection of variable content and graphic elements.

Accelerate activation through the system’s order processing function. As managers approve submitted program plans, job tickets are generated and sent with the final artwork to your integrated digital or printer partner. Order status is then displayed in the My Orders page.

Monitor your budgets and programs with a business intelligence dashboard that virtualizes data into dynamic charts and graphs that update in real-time as estimates are approved, programs are activated, and actuals come in. External data feeds can also be integrated to create a holistic commercial spend picture.

Key Benefits

  • Centralizes Data: Streamlines and virtualizes all budget, customer, program and tactic data into a 24/7 cloud environment.
  • Automates Tracking: Eliminates the need for spreadsheets by making every shopper marketing activity and cost traceable.
  • Increases Agility: Enables real-time responsiveness by automating the artwork development and trafficking process.
  • Creates Synchronicity: Facilitates collaboration by uniting global teams and agencies around a centralized source of truth.
  • Drives Performance: Integrates best practices and financial analytics into planning cycles to drive program effectiveness.

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