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From Fragmentation to Innovation

Traditional shopper marketing program management is often a fragmented and labor-intensive process involving a pipeline of vendors and a great deal of repetitive manual labor. The complexity of program execution can often prevent brands from maximizing the potential of their in-store marketing.

Recognizing the need for consumer goods manufacturers to be able to more efficiently create and deliver in-store marketing collateral across national and regional partners, Cierant created Instigo.

What Is Instigo?

Instigo is an online shopper marketing program management system that streamlines the steps of program execution into a single, automated workflow. The system begins by taking each brand’s unique collection of tactics, converting them into a set of standardized templates and integrating them into the system under specified categories.

Through our templated online approach, field sales members are able to log in in from anywhere at any time to preview, select, customize and activate account-specific programs on-demand!


Diverse print and digital shopper marketing tactics are converted into a set of easily accessible online templates. Templates can be customized by the user with program, retailer and product-specific content and graphics.

Instigo’s Program Execution team processes and fulfills all incoming program requests upon receipt, auto-generating the proof files, creating the job tickets and trafficking them to production or digital agency partner upon approval.

Dynamic reporting is visually displayed in real-time via the business intelligence dashboard, including customer and program-level insights such as most frequently ordered programs/tactics by segment and program execution history by customer.

As a member of the Command Group of Companies, one of the largest print organizations, Cierant is able to provide complete pre-media, production and distribution services for end-to-end program fulfillment.

Elevate sales initiatives and gain control over your assets with Instigo’s content sharing tools and visual resource library. Sales members can share, access and download educational shopper marketing resources, sales presentations and essential documents on-demand.

Instigo shopper marketing templated tactics

Key Benefits

  • Streamlines Processes: Program management is made simple by unifying the many steps associated with traditional program management into one flexible, automated workflow that processes and tracks all requests.
  • Accelerates Cycle Times: Execute programs in a fraction of the time through seamless automated workflows, streamlined data asset sharing and auto-generation of custom art files.
  • Simplifies Budget Planning: Manage budgets more effectively by viewing project cost estimates, budget availability, and spending history prior to submitting new orders.
  • Reduces Cost: In using one trusted vendor for complete program administration and execution, fixed costs are minimized so that shopper marketing resources can take on more strategic purposes.
  • Enhances Sales Visibility: Through new clarity and control over field sales activities, managers are able to ensure the most effective programs are being executed at the most optimal times and locations.

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