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Postal Cost Management Is NOT An Option

The U.S. Postal Service is now targeting May 31, 2015 for its next planned postal rate increases which may raise postage rates by as much as 2 percent. How will this affect your postal budget? More important…how are you planning for the inevitable future increases?

CommONE’s advanced postal cost reduction programs include:

  1. Full integration of approved eDelivery/ePresentment services to maximize your print deflection strategies
  2. Weight optimized production options for heavier communications (e.g. ultra-lightweight stock, geocoded content, dynamically personalized packages) to reduce postal tariff
  3. List-cleansing, householding, manifest mail processing and advanced dedupe services to ensure accurate delivery with minimal bounceback
  4. Diversified, real-time logistics optimization, including co-mingling, co-palletization and SCF/DDU mail service injection to ensure lowest rate base
  5. Alternative delivery strategies leveraging strategic global shipping partners to support efficient delivery on non-letter class packages over 3 oz.

Key Benefits

  • Documented savings of 5% or more on letter mail and over 50% on packages on heavier content such as directory mailings
  • Demonstrated savings of over $200,000 on Medicare ANOC/EOC renewal programs for mid-size plans
  • Improved customer service through list cleansing on compliance mailings and enhanced targeting for acquisition programs

See What You Can Save

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