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CommONE eDelivery Solutions

E-Delivery Meets High-Speed POD

Reduce printing costs and deliver superior customer service by implementing a paperless opt-in program that offers exceptional convenience and speed of delivery to your members. Cierant’s CommONE: Connect is an e-delivery solution specifically designed to meet the compliance, security and information privacy requirements of health plan member communications while at the same time offering dynamic email personalization and reporting features to support pre-sale marketing efforts.

The Technology

Cierant offers health insurers a cloud-based email platform that makes creating and sending high-volume email communications simple. With intuitive workflows that seamlessly integrate with in-house lists and databases, Cierant’s e-delivery technology makes list management easy while pre-built email templates and dynamic proofing tools make content layout fast!

The Solutions:

Cierant’s CommONE: Connect offers a complete portfolio of e-delivery solutions specially designed to support health insurance marketing and member communication programs. The CommONE: Connect solutions portfolio features the following:

Employ our professional design services to optimize your PDFs for web viewing by adjusting resolution without diminishing quality and compressing file size to ensure quick display with minimal space usage. Our creative services can be employed to add colorful imagery, targeted messaging and bold typography to marketing collateral or to assemble kit items into one document that’s easy to search and navigate. Whether it be optimizing mandated materials for information accessibility or personalizing and stylizing pre-sale pieces for maximum engagement, our team is up to the challenge.

Encourage e-delivery adoption with our ability to create highly personalized postcard campaigns that drive to a website-integrated Preference Center page or stand-alone landing page that sells the benefits of going paperless and guides members through the sign-up process while capturing other pertinent preference data. Our effective on-boarding processes include double opt-in confirmation and email address whitelisting instruction to ensure your critical member communications never fall into spam.

Deploy a real-time preference management database connected to a form on your member portal preference page that readily allows members to specify their preferred channel of communication. Our custom-built preference centers integrate with plans existing member databases, supplementing individual member profiles with real-time channel preference, material tracking and behavioral response data that plan administrators and customer service teams can access to gain insight into member interaction across media.

Deliver more frequent and effective personalized wellness and preventative care messages with email programs that drive to website-housed or third-party content. Wellness emails can be personalized with any data source of your choice, including demographic, geographic and health data to deliver more relevant information that resonates with the recipient and better drives healthy behavior adoption.

Optimize your acquisition marketing email and postcard campaigns by including a link to a personalized landing page that takes the recipient to personalized plan comparison tools, decision guides and enrollment resources. Or, support wellness initiatives by including a link to a group wellness resource portal or individual resource website that features personalized health reminders, community news, preventative health articles and more.

Confirm receipt of materials with real-time email delivery status reporting that automatically sends failed delivery items to our print-on-demand facilities and mails them to the recipient’s physical address, satisfying the CMS requirement to have a process setup for automatic mailing of hard copies. In addition, email reporting can also be used to measure marketing communications effectiveness, delivering recipient-level analytics, such as clicks, geolocation, time of open, device type, browsing history and more in order to fine-tune messaging and send time to the individual.

Experience the Ease of E-Delivery!

Designed to support the most demanding workflows, Cierant’s e-delivery technology solutions transform healthcare communications management complexity into automated simplicity.

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