Meeting the Modernization Demand


of shopper marketers
rank their process efficiency

While trade promotion, retail execution and other essential CPG activities leverage technology to automate processes and unify insights, shopper marketing fails to modernize. In fact, our 2018 Shopper Marketing Optimization Report found that 78% rank their shopper marketing process efficiency as average or worse, even though 84% say improving shopper marketing agility and cost is more critical than ever.

With lack of modernization impacting performance, shopper marketing optimization has become critical to maximizing revenue and securing retail partnership.

SMO Suite: Key Features

As the industry’s exclusive SMO software provider, Cierant offers a suite of cloud-based solutions specifically designed to digitally transform shopper marketing management.

Performance-Based Budgeting

Optimize your commercial investments with a collaborative budgeting tool that allows managers to assign budgets to measurable goals, allocate across account teams, and track achievement through real-time reporting of spending activity, viewable at the customer, category or brand level.

Digital Content Management

Reduce agency costs and maintain consistency with a content management system that creates templated versions of key program creative for all digital and in-store tactics to support live customization via menu-driven selection of variable content and graphic elements.

Data-Driven Program Planning

Streamline the program planning workflow with an automated system that allows field reps to view available programs and seamlessly create multi-brand plans through selection of key scheduling data—from run time to participating retailers and material due date.

Online POP Ordering Storefront

Better manage display costs and accelerate retail execution with an application that supports on-demand ordering of custom and inventoried POPs, auto-calculating profit margin and total production cost to ensure every project meets ROI goals.

Real-Time Customer Analytics

Improve customer management through a BI dashboard that creates dynamic customer profiles and delivers instant insight into past and active shopper marketing activity at the store-level, in addition to tracking spending, tactic popularity and other key trends.

Print Procurement & Supply Chain

Enable on-demand ordering of your in-store marketing tactics through systems integration with our national network of state-of the-art digital, offset and flexographic printing partners for high-speed brand activations at lowest cost and maximum quality.


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