Meeting the Call for Customization


of retailers want better content from their brand partners

CPG shopper marketers have long been in the habit of delivering standardized tactics across retailers in order to maximize efficiencies, but as retailers become increasingly shopper-centric, one-size-fits all shopper marketing programs no longer suffice.

Retailers require relevant solutions that recognize the differences in their shoppers across locations and channels. In order to meet these demands and secure a spot among store brands, CPG shopper marketers must develop efficient ways to plan, create and deliver retail-centric programs.

SHOPTTM: Key Features

Capture the loyalty of your retailers and heart of local shoppers with a cloud-based system exclusively designed to support at-scale shopper marketing through the following key features:

Interactive Program Gallery

Identify the best program for your customer with a searchable gallery of options that allows you to click-through to review key creative, best-fit criteria, and strategy insights.

Omnichannel Tactics Catalog

Develop multi-touch programs by selecting from a visual catalog of in-store and online tactics that displays unit cost for budget-conscious planning.

Retailer Customization Workflow

Seamlessly customize tactics with a templated workflow driven by menus of dynamic backgrounds, offers, product shots, and logos.

Production Order Fulfillment

Automate production with an order processing function that generates job tickets, trafficks artwork to print partners, and tracks delivery.

Traceable Digital Asset Sharing

Simplify digital activation with an asset sharing feature that allows you to send customized digital tactic artwork to agency and retail partners.

Real-Time Distribution Tracking

Keep tabs on your customer activations with a ‘My Campaigns’ report that tracks the delivery status of in-store tactics and the sharing of digital ad images.

Key Benefits

Evolve your shopper marketing operations for customer growth with a collaborative online system that:

  • Aligns teams and objectives

  • Eliminates agency re-work fees

  • Optimizes local brand equity

  • Accelerates time-to-market

  • Creates cost transparency

  • Streamlines creative delivery


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