Breaking Through the Noise.

Out of Reach.

As physicians become increasingly inaccessible to sales representatives, at the same time pharmaceutical companies lack the necessary human resources required to cover wide-spread territories of target physicians. Pharmaceutical brand managers thus choose to narrow their sales attention to small, high-value regions while leaving a vast pool of influential physicians untapped.

Campaign Automation Applied.

Rather than allowing location or lack of human resources dictate the reach of critical formulary status information and product marketing, we help pharma companies integrate modern cross-channel tactics so that no physician is ever unreachable. We leverage our campaign automation, data integration and cross-media delivery expertise to provide pharmaceutical companies with a one-touch solution that allows their account executives to create, customize and deploy multi-touch push and pull through campaigns on-demand.

Furthering the Formulary Win.

By unifying the impact of highly targeted communications with the reach of cross-media, we enable pharmaceutical companies to maximize their market share, increase awareness of their formulary positioning, and most importantly, provide HCPs with the knowledge they need to keep patients accurately informed.

Having processed and fulfilled over 1,7000 campaigns and 1.8 million communications to date, our campaign automation solution is revolutionizing pharmaceutical marketing practices and increasing patient access to new and more effective treatment.

We have helped our clients:

  1. Communicate favorable formulary status information to over 130,000 HCPs
  2. Auto compose and distribute over 650,000 targeted communications
  3. Launch campaigns 60% faster
  4. Reduce campaign costs by as much as 30%
  5. Maintain 100% review board compliance

Campaign Automation and Data Management for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Services Provided

  • CampaignRX™
  • Multi-channel execution
  • Targeting and personalization
  • Marketing data management
  • Content management