From On-Formulary to On-Script.

In-person access to physicians is becoming increasingly limited. Empowered patients are looking to gain greater understanding and control over their healthcare management. Payers have become increasingly acceptant of generics and brand substitutes.

Pharmaceutical marketing is undergoing a wide-scale transformation that requires newer, faster and less expensive ways to differentiate and communicate their products’ value against a growing wave of lower cost generics while at the same time meeting regulatory board approval.

CampaignRx™ is a cross-channel campaign automation solution that overcomes such challenges by combing technology with advanced data integration and content management tools. The system enables brands to extend their market reach through rapid creation and distribution of highly targeted product marketing communications and campaigns while adhering to brand and regulatory compliance rules.

How It Works

Sales representatives are able to login and create, customize and execute targeted cross-channel campaigns and product communications on-demand. Users are guided through a systematic workflow that begins by specifying target segments and building a distribution list based on integrated call plan and sales roster data. Users then select the appropriate templates for the series of multi-wave campaigns that they would like to deploy and customize them with pre-approved brand messaging. Upon completion, all that’s left to do is submit, schedule and submit for approval.


CampaignRx integrates your HCP profile databases, call plan information, formulary status and sales team data with brand-specific graphics and regulatory approved messaging to trigger a series of highly targeted, fully-customized personal and non-personal communications.

With increased global compliance mandates and new FDA rulings, a streamlined and automated process for proofing and approval requisition helps marketing communications break through regulatory bottlenecks and accelerate campaign time-to-market.  Regulatory review boards are easily able to access and certify copy for promotional use via an automated approval tracking system that details all edits for each campaign by date and requisitioner. Once a marketing asset is approved, the system then archives it to a sophisticated asset management library for future repurposing.

Maximizing market share and the revenue potential of every formulary WIN means you need to be ready to rapidly respond quickly with informative pull through campaigns that convey the latest formulary status information. By being able to customize and produce marketing communications on-demand, sales reps are able to respond to market events in real-time, such as changes in formulary status, competitor moves and emerging channel behavior patterns.

In gaining a single view of all organizational marketing activities and up-to-the minute status information, brand managers are able to better manage campaigns and ensure that they are in alignment with business objectives. A holistic view of campaigns in progress also allows for more strategic decision making in determining the amount of personal coverage to devote to a segment. Through top-level visibility, brands can better understand their marketing communications effectiveness and better assign resources.

The custom reporting and real-time feedback loops that CampaignRx offers provide sales reps with better insight into their customer needs, most responsive channels for the individual customer, most optimal times to approach them, and the most effective messages to use.

(TM) CampaignRx is a trademark of Cierant Corporation

CampaignRx - cross-channel campaign automation solution for Pharma

Key Benefits

  • Accelerates time to market by 60%
  • Ensures review board compliance
  • Brings sales and marketing into alignment
  • Leverages cross-channel marketing best practices
  • Supports an integrated marketing approach

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